Your Contribution dollars at work

Last year 3,207 women entered the prison system in North Carolina. And last year 3,158 women exited that same system, of which 183 women were from Wake County and returning to our community. In fact, many of those who were released probably came to Wake County because of better chances for affordable housing and work opportunities. Some had good support systems however many did not.

For some, especially those that have spent years of their lives locked up, getting out comes with a mixture of overwhelming joy and anxiety. They want to start over but don’t know how to achieve that. They need somewhere to live, to work. They have limited resources and are released with only the clothes on their back. Life on the outside can be a huge challenge - so hard that many fail at it and end up back behind bars before long. That’s why programs that help them re-enter society are critical.

There are also those who may have misdemeanors and have paid a fine or may have gone to jail but still have a record that keeps them from being eligible or having access to affordable housing. A criminal record reduced the likelihood of these men and women getting a job interview, a call-back or job offer by over 50 percent.

The Center for Employment Opportunities found that more than 40 percent of people will be re-incarcerated—and more than two-thirds re-arrested—within three years of being released from prison. Employment challenges, sobriety, housing, mental health, and a lack of strong social ties are among the primary reasons that people return to jail or prison.

Redirection NC provides support services to formerly incarcerated or justice involved women in North Carolina, facilitating a successful transition back to community life. This program is grounded in the belief that with the proper assistance, those citizens returning to the community can overcome the many barriers to successful living that a criminal record can create.

Redirection Home and Cookie's House assist and guide women who have some justice involvement that includes a lack of support or means and with nowhere to turn. These transitional homes are able to provide the necessities of housing, clothing and food in a nurturing and supportive environment until they can stabilize and move out on their own. The residents remain in the program from 6 - 18 months.

Help us to continue seeking multi-dimensional solutions to the effects of incarceration and justice involvement. Your donation will help support them by providing housing and supportive services for successful community re-entry, family reunification and individual healing as they stabilize, get a job, save some money and get on their feet with a solid foundation. This transition will help the residents be more self sufficient to eventually move towards independent living on their own.  Redirection -NC is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Stephanie Treadway
Executive Director