The Passion

Exec Director :

Stephanie Treadway retired from working at the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women after 23 years of running a substance use treatment program within the walls.

After all those years she saw a lot of women leave and then come back to prison, even if they had a desire to do something different in their life. But because they had no plan, no support or no direction on how to stay free, the majority would inevitably return.

She firmly believes God led her to work at the prison all those years so she could be of service to those who want to get out and stay out!

Stephanie believes that the formerly incarcerated can succeed after release from prison with the help of their community. It takes the combined work of the state, local communities, non-profits, faith-based groups and businesses working together to provide the needed jobs, services and support to make sure these women do not return to prison.

Over the last several years she has been spending most of her time developing relationships with these community partners.

Another obstacle for these women is safe and affordable transitional housing. Men and women with children are able to find housing. But there is a gap for single women, women whose children have aged out and/or have lost the custody of their children. Stephanie has opened three houses for those women who need a place to call home until they can afford to get a place of their own.

We believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out - Please consider sponsoring a woman until she can get on her feet!

The need

Consider these facts:
  • 1.6 million North Carolinians have criminal records.
  • Approximately 40,000 individuals are currently in North Carolina's 70 prisons.
  • It costs the NC Department of Public Safety $27,000 annually to incarcerate someone.
  • In the last 10 years the number of adult women incarcerated in U.S. prisons has grown by 25 percent, 30 percent in N.C. prisons. 
  • There are currently 2,927 females incarcerated at this time, 1,564 on parole and 22,957 on probation in North Carolina.
  • 95% of incarcerated individuals will eventually leave prison and return home.
  • North Carolina's 3-year recidivism rate is 40%.
  • 92% of employers conduct criminal background checks; an applicant with a criminal record is 50% less likely to receive a call back.
  • More than 900 state and federal laws deny North Carolinians a wide range of privileges and rights based on a criminal record.


The Help

Our Community Partners:
Interfaith Prison Ministry 
Green Chair Project
Bridge The Gap Mission
Wake County Reentry Council
New Life Connection

Trinity Baptist Church
Capital Community Church
Brooks Avenue Church of Christ
Hayes Barton Baptist Church
Raleigh First Assembly
Apex Baptist Church
Longview Baptist Church
NC Conference - United Methodist Church
Crossroads Fellowship Church